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  • Oldest person in my family is my aunt who is 78. The youngest person is my niece who is 20.

    I am in an office of only me--so I am the oldest and youngest!

    I am one of the older people in my family.

    The younger folks in the family like to text a lot and they are FAST at it! The older folks prefer telephone or email.
  • I am the youngest person in my birth family and the oldest in my core family.
    I am in the middle of our office ages
    While I am in the middle/high side as far as age goes I am one of the more tech savvy members
  • Just my sister an I left so not much difference. We both love technology but dislike the social media scene. Too much information we don't want/care to know. Our office ranges from 21 to 87. Some of the baby boomers just discovered texting and they can't seem to stop, even during office meetings. Our broker/owner is having to set policy.
    Like Diane I'm in the upper side of the age group but more tech savvy than most. We are in a more remote area and speeds are slow. I don't even have cell service at some of my listings.
  • I'm on the upper end of the age group in my office...and all the younger Realtors seem to have a ready-made clientele! Love keeping up with media, iPad name it!
  • Oldest is my father, 72. Youngest is my son, 5.
    Youngest in office is 36, oldest is probably around 70.
    I am in the middle of my family, and youngest in office.
    Generational differences in communication in my family I fairly easy going. I have more of a difference within my office.
  • I am the oldest (63) in my immediate family. My mom passed away 7 years ago at age 94. Our daughter is 25. Although I have an aunt who is mid-80's we do not see her hardly at all anymore.
    I work mostly out of my home, but would say that in the office I'm with, the youngest is probably around 25, and the oldest close to 70. Most of the agents are probably between 35-my age.
    I don't see a big difference with technology between all of us. I communicate more with other agents (outside my office) via email and some texting, because I prefer a paper trail. A few of the older agents like to call rather than use technology, but my broker who is a bit older than me uses her cell phone for email as much as I do! I use social media quite a bit to promote my real estate (Facebook and twitter) and also maintain a web site. My husband does reverse mortgages, and I will be partnering with him as well. Just got him signed up for a Facebook business page by convincing him his clients' kids and grandkids use it and can help educate his clients.
    When my mom was still alive she was adamantly independent, and fortunately extremely healthy until the last two years or so of her life. I can certainly relate to how the seniors feel with housing issues and decisions, as well as how their adult children feel when trying to help them make the right decisions.
  • The oldest member of my extended family is 96. She lives in her own apartment and maintains it herself. She socializes a lot with her family. The youngest in my extended family is a new baby but the youngest closest to me is a great niece who is 20 years old. The youngest in my office is 45 and the oldest is my Broker who is 73. I am on the older end at 65. I find younger members of my family and office use technology more and multi-task in their careers and because of increased family responsibilities. I spend more time with clients and can relate to their needs since I have gone through similar life changes. I am working with a designer on a line of Arts & Crafts Bungalows designed for life's changing circumstances. The emphasis is on flexible space that can change as needs change no matter the person's age. My real estate focus is on a gated resort community of all ages but a growing retirement and snowbird population.
  • In my nuclear family we are 50 to 18 years of age. When I include my extended family our ages range from 82 to 10. The youngest in our office is around 24 years old and there are a few that are in their early 60's. In my family, I am in the middle of the age range, but in my office, I am younger - most in my office are slightly older than I am - but not by much! In our office we are all about the same in our technology use and we frequently communicate via email. All of our transactions are electronic and we are trying to become as paperless as possible.
  • My spouse is the oldest; my grandneice is the youngest.
    The oldest in my office is probably in their 70's; the youngest is 18; most seem to be in their 40's.
    I'm near the older range in both family and office.
    Youngest seem much busier; they don't seem to follow-up well. Olders are more patient and precise, and do follow through with replies, etc.